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So, the day after my birthday we finally got on the Stray bus and drove up to Pahia or the Bay of Islands. Along the way, we stopped at Goat Island where some people went snorkeling. It was a bit cold for Terry and I though, so we viewed the brightly coloured fish from the rocks. After that we stopped at a bird sanctuary where we saw a Tui bird that was talking to us. We also saw and touched a Kiwi bird, and an owl as well as some other birds.

Pahia was so beautiful. The day after we arrived we took a day trip up to Cape Raenga. Up there we saw a lot of fog and a lot of rain, where we should have seen the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean colliding. It was a bit disappointing but it just means I’ll have to come back one day to actually see it. Then the bus took us to the sand dunes where we climbed up the massive dune and slid down it on a boogie board. It was easily the most fun we’ve had so far. On our way back to Pahia we drove along the 90 Mile beach. By this I mean that we drove on the sand along the shore. Then we all stopped for fish and chips in a small fishing town before the final leg of the drive to Pahia.

In Pahia we went on a boat tour of the Bay of Islands where there are 144 islands. The water was astonishing. The boat took us through the Hole in The Rock and we say marlins and penguins but no dolphins. Because we didn’t see dolphins, we each received a voucher to go back. When we went back a couple of days later we decided to go on the swim with the dolphins tour, alas once again we saw no dolphins; therefore we got two more vouchers to go back again. In Pahia we also went kayaking because our hostel had free kayaks. It was really fun. We stopped on one of the islands and went for a swim before going back to the main land. On our last day we just kind of hung around the hostel because our bus didn’t pick us up until 4:30 to go back to Auckland.

Now that we are back on Auckland we are going to go us the Sky Tower (finally) as long as the weather stays nice. We might make a trip over to Waiheke Island before we come back to Auckland for an Iron and Wine concert that we are very much looking forward to. Then we will be of on our bus adventure again!

How is everyone at home? Is the weather still good? Amanda, how is your new place? Well I hope everyone is well! Talk to you all soon!


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Mar. 9th, 2008 07:18 am (UTC)
Krista it sounds like you're taking it all in - is it like what you thought it would be at all or suprises everyday? - the weather is imporving here :D - o and i saw Brian tonight - he's good - he said he was so bummed he couldnt come and see you. Take care and have fun! How come you guys r coming in July now? (not that im complaining!;P)
Mar. 9th, 2008 11:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's great here. I don't like Auckland too much. I like my small towns. I'm glad you saw Brian! I was bummed he didn't come see me too but things happen. We're coming home in July because we over estimated the time we needed to see what we wanted to. Miss you lots!
Mar. 10th, 2008 07:17 pm (UTC)
Hi this is Annica. Remember at your party we had cupcakes, they were really good. Maybe when you come back we can have more cupcakes and we can have another party. Bye I love you and miss you.

Hi mom here. Keirran's sleeping and we have just watched chitty chitty bang bang for the millionth time. It's almost lunch time, we'll just wait till Keirran wakes up.

Everything sounds good there. It's raining here, will be for a couple of day's. Amanda hasn't been getting your messages as I'm not sure where she can check you journal. Don't hear from her much. Saturday we went to the movies with Aunty Doris , we saw The Bank Job it was very good, we all really enjoyed it. We went to the 4 o'clock show luckily because someone keyed some of the cars in the parking lot at the later shows. Dad and I worked in the garden on Sunday . Garden looks great, grass looks like crap. Anyway better go as Annica is begging for lunch. Will update you on Wednesday on who gets kicked off the biggest loser.

Love you and miss you both mum. XOXOXOXO
Mar. 12th, 2008 08:47 pm (UTC)
Hi guy's hope all is well. Last night we watch the biggest loser,and it made me mad. They brought all the kicked off contestants back . The woman and man who had lost the biggest percentage of weight away from the show would get back on the show, and guess who's back? Mark I was so mad. Bernie missed coming back by 2 lbs. The woman who came back was Ali, she was the one who was on the show with her mother. The challenge was made so a man would win . They had to ride a bike to power 10 light bulbs, the women had no chance. The prize was 2 votes at the elimination. Dan won. When they got to the weigh in Allison ask Brittany a question about her chances and everything broke loose. The girls feel they don't have a chance of winning . Then Jillian got involved and there was a lot of bad language beeped out , dad and I just sat their laughing. But she was totally right. Anyway after all that the weigh in came came down to Brittany and Mallory below the line, then the show ended, so no one went. I guess they'll start next week with the voting off.
Next week I will tape the show and watch when we get back. probably on Saturday.

If you need anything call Grandma or David.

Everyone seems good at this time . David will be home soon so I better go.

Love you, miss you both mum
Mar. 13th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)
Sounds intense! What's the Bank Job? I haven't heard of it. I did however hear that someone keyed a bunch of cars. Liam said that he was glad he didn't park his car where he normally would because of it. We haven't really done much since last I posted. We went to an aquarium where we saw sting rays, sharks and penguins. It wasn't that great, but it was a day. We are leaving Auckland on Saturday morning, so who knows how often we will get internet after we leave. Have a great time in Oregon. Love you!!
Mar. 13th, 2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
The bank job is a true story about how the MI 5 or 6 want to get some not so nice picture taken in 1970 of Princess Anne back. The man who had the pictures was using them so the British Government would not prosecute him. They con this woman to get some of her friends to do this job without telling them what hey are really going after. Anyway don't want to tell you too much, you should go see it. All the actors are British and one of them use to be on Coronation Street. Well worth the 2 hours.

Good to hear about Liams car. Donna and Wes were going to the movies that night then changed their mind. Lucky I guess.

Dads kids are bowling in Abbotsford on Saturday so I guess I will go and watch.

Miss you Love you both mum . XOXOXOXO
Mar. 18th, 2008 03:15 am (UTC)
yo! what's up?

i want to climb mountains and travel again. damn. sounds pretty good. sorry i haven't been reading cause mal and i have been using our friends internet who lives upstairs so it's really slow usually. anyway yeah my house is rad. we have an awesome rug and we're having a party on friday yo. sweet, yeah alright. well it's pouring rain and i'm hungry. time to make dinner. i will take pictures of my place soon to send you. i want to see more photographs of new zealand.

Mar. 18th, 2008 04:03 pm (UTC)
Hi from Oregon. It's pouring and cold so I kind of like it. We are staying in the Best Western in Tillamook were there is free internet. Glad to see Amanda finally wrote, haven't seen her since she left.
Dad is feeling better today ,yesterday not so good. I seem to have caught what everybody else has had.

Today we are going to see a cheese factory , can.t wait .HA!HA! Then we will drive down the coast further . Dads even talking about driving in coast to see if we can find some beter weather. He brought his golf clubs and all the golf courses here are under water.

Hope you are guy's are well and having fun. Got to go now the cheese is waiting.

Love you both Mum and Dad. XOXOXOXO
Mar. 21st, 2008 11:38 pm (UTC)
So we are back home now. Nice to sleep in our own bed. The second day after I sent the last comment turned out to be a great day. Once we started driving the sun came out and walking on the beach was marvelous. The waves were huge the whole time we where there. The second night we stayed in this dumpy motel, where we left the sliding door open at night to hear the waves crashing on the rocks. Dad said he got up during the night and the moon shining on the waves was cool. Day 3 we decided to go inland. We did some shopping (not much} then we stayed at a motel where we had stayed when you were kids. They let people smoke in some of the rooms and it was terrible. Day 4 we shopped a little then came home. Both happy to be home. The line up the border was 40 minutes long. I heard on the radio this morning that the line up going down to the states at 6:40 in the morning was 2 hrs long.

Today we took Amanda some vegan donuts for her party. The place looked a little better. Amanda and Mallory seem happy there. Amanda and Ryan have split up again. She says for good. Kind of sad ,but what ever she wants.

Now the news on the biggest loser. At the beginning of the show they voted Maggie off. (I know I said Mallory by mistake last week} Then they all had makeovers. Thank God they finally cut Dan's hair, it looks much better. Dad said Brittany looked hot I and I explained she was 19. The challenge was to walk backwards on a treadmill 10 feet in the air . Guess who won? Mark, I wish he'd drown , I can't stand him. Anyway the 2 below the line were Jay and Brittany. Guess who went home. At the end they showed Brittany jumping out of a plane, she looked great.

Should go now it's really cold down here. Everyone is asking to hear from you ,so phone or write soon, I guess we might hear from you on Sunday.

Keep well we love and miss you both mum. XOXOXOXO

Mar. 22nd, 2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
grandma calling
Hello Krista & Terry Ihave finally managed to get this working but don't be surprised if it won't work, I do miss you a lot and worry that all is fine Granda keeps asking if ive heard from you my computer hasn't been working right I can't seem to send anything from my e-mail as soon as I try the thing just shuts down and goes of the internet your mum phoned last night to say you had call and was very pleased to hear from you .Lets hope you can get through to Jackies to-morrow when we are all eating easter dinner aren't we lucky all that good food and Krista not there to eat it well you to sorry ive not been writing so hope this finds you both well and enjoying everything WE LOVE YOU AND WE SAID IT FIRST Love Granma & Grabdpaoxoxoxoxoxoooxoxoxoxo
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